Treating pain with both body and mind

I am Clare Cresswell, a registered physiotherapist with a special interest in treating people suffering with chronic, recurrent and unresolved pain.

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I use a mindfulness and neuroscience approach to treating pain – working together with you in treating and understanding your condition, its neurological origins and its impact on your life.

By using physiotherapy in this way, my goal is to help you live life to the full.
Mindfulness-Based Intervention, as a treatment for chronic pain, has been shown by multiple studies to improve quality of life. As a Mindfulness-Based Intervention practitioner, I regularly host group and private mindfulness sessions.

In my physiotherapy practice, I use mindfulness techniques to treat painful neuromusculoskeletal conditions – working with you to tailor treatment and broaden the possibilities of resolving your condition.
“I have found this integration of treatment and understanding is most effective in assisting those in pain.”

About Clare Cresswell Physiotherapy

I have been practising physiotherapy since 1983, having completed a BSc Physiotherapy at the University of the Witwatersrand. I opened my private practice in 1989 and completed the certification in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (OMT 1).

In 2017, I graduated with an MSc in Physiotherapy, focusing on Pain Management in Physiotherapy, as well as completing teacher training in Mindfulness-Based Interventions through the University of Stellenbosch, under the auspices of the Institute of Mindfulness of South Africa (IMISA). I also keep up-to-date professionally by attending courses regularly, including those offered by international lecturers.


I offer Physiotherapy to treat both acute and chronic neuromusculoskeletal conditions, as well as 8-week Mindfulness-Based Intervention courses - offering you the possibility of using mindfulness as a skill to manage living with chronic pain (MLCP) and stress (MBSR) in the best way possible.


I treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions holistically and with your context in mind - using joint and tissue mobilisation, massage, exercise, rehabilitation, and helping you improve how you manage your pain condition and understand what causes it.

I aim to restore your body's optimal function and movement, when affected by injury, illness or disability. With my knowledge of diseases, injury and healing, I use manual therapy, exercise and an understanding of your condition to improve and restore your physical condition.

I also has a special interest in pain management for Acute (recent), Chronic (recurring or more longstanding) and Complex Pain conditions.

Mindfulness Courses

Many illnesses are a consequence of our lifestyle, specifically exposure to constant high levels of stress - often resulting in high levels of cortisol, high blood pressure, low immune system, poor concentration, depression and anxiety. However, meditation has been shown to aid in lowering blood pressure, reducing overall excitement and controlling emotional reaction to external stressors.

My mindfulness courses will help you understand how the mind functions and defends itself against real or perceived threats, and learn how to relax your body while still keeping your mind alert and present. They take place in a comfortable, relaxed and warm environment - with no more than 8 participants to allow more time for discussion and practical learning.


This course is based on the MBSR course developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn from the University of Massachusetts' Center for Mindfulness. Over 8 weeks, you will learn, in practical ways, how to improve how you cope with the challenges pain presents in everyday life. This course is unique in that it includes teaching on the neurobiology of pain and stress and allows you to develop your own strategies to manage pain.


This course is an integrative participant-centred approach developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre. Over 8 weeks, you will take part in experiential training in formal and informal mindfulness practice and designed to aid chronic illness and stress related problems.
If you would like to book an appointment, please contact me directly via phone, WhatsApp, Skype or email.
First appointments are usually one hour in duration, to afford us ample time to discuss your history, complete a full assessment and treatment, and enable me to tailor a treatment plan to your needs. Follow-up appointments will then be scheduled according to your treatment plan.

Treatments are charged within the guidelines of the South African Society of Physiotherapy. Payment may be made by EFT or credit card, and thereafter accounts may be submitted to your medical aid for any reimbursement.

If for any reason you cannot make a scheduled appointment, please ensure you notify me at least 24 hours before to avoid being billed for the service.
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